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In the process of welding metal cutting, the molten particles at temperatures above 1,000 degrees Celsius fire around, if exposed to flammable material is easy to burst into fire.
Exchanging with VnExpress.net, Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Quang Tam, Head of District Fire Prevention and Fighting Department 1, Ho Chi Minh City, recently assessed that there were serious fires which mainly caused welding and cutting of metal. ensure fire safety.
According to the survey of District 1 Fire Prevention and Fighting Police, most of the metal cutting and welding enterprises are small and medium sized. Training on fire prevention and fighting is very limited. The workers do not have professional training in fire prevention and fighting and use of cutting equipment (O2, gas, C2H2) is not safe. Often in the cutting process, they do not have custodians or few people; There are no measures to isolate flammable materials and goods from the cutting area. These facilities also do not equip the necessary equipment and fire fighting equipment in the welding area, not paying attention to the safety of equipment used for welding and cutting ...
This survey also shows that the majority of people directly organized metal cutting welding is not equipped with basic knowledge on fire prevention and fire should not grasp the fire risk characteristics of welding metal cutting, no measures preventive measures. When the fire occurs, they do not know how to use the fire extinguisher on the spot, they are confused and afraid, so they do not handle to extinguish the fire as soon as they arise. They even fled causing the fire to spread quickly, causing fire, fire, resulting in unpredictable consequences.
Four years ago, a fire in the 32-storey building on Le Duan Street (District 1, HCMC) left hundreds of people panicked. The cause of the fire is the welders who spit fire into the nylon bag outside the air conditioning. Picture: An Nhon.
Why welding metal cutting dangerous?
During construction, fire craftsmen use a high temperature flame to melt the metal and bond it together, which is called welding. Using a high-temperature flame to molten sheets, rods to the required size, or demolition of interconnected metal structures, is called cutting.
Flame can be burned with acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in tanks and oxygen tanks. When you want to use just need to add a welding torch. In addition to the method of welding metal cutting using acetylene gas or liquefied gas, there are methods of welding electric.
When welding metal cutting, the heart flame temperature reaches 3,000 degrees Celsius, the weld temperature is about 1,700 degrees Celsius to 1,800 degrees Celsius. The cutting process will produce molten metal particles (temperatures over 1000 C) splashes around easily, causing a fire when exposed to flammable materials.
The metal cutting process uses oxygen with high flow and pressure to blow metal oxide and some molten metal out. When metal particles that melt at high temperatures are exposed to flammable materials such as fabrics, paper, mattresses, it is easy to catch fire. If small fires are not detected in time and have initial treatment measures, it will burn larger, fire spreading gradually increased to fire spread, causing serious fire damage.
Lieutenant Colonel Quang Tam advised that in order to limit the fires caused by welding and cutting of metal, some of the following fire safety measures should be implemented:
1. Heads of establishments should uphold responsibility for fire prevention and fighting, interest and investment in fire prevention and fighting.
2. To promulgate rules and regulations on fire prevention and fighting, safe welding and cutting processes.
3. Propaganda and dissemination of legal knowledge on fire prevention and fighting, fire and explosion hazard characteristics of metal cutting and welding, safety knowledge in general, fire safety in particular during welding and cutting.
4. In the process of welding and cutting metals must be shielded with non-combustible materials or moving flammable materials away from the cutting area (minimum 10 m). Failure to allow high temperature flammable contact with flammable materials, fire safety measures and plans for fire and explosion treatment.
5. In the process of welding metal cutting should appoint a custodian. Have a regular attendant during the cutting process, at least 30 minutes, and thoroughly check before cutting.
6. Only use cutting tools to ensure safety such as gas cylinders within the test period, gas hoses to ensure sealing, gas pipelines must be protected from welding sparks, welding and grease, Do not place gas cylinders near heat source, power system ...
7. To equip necessary fire-fighting devices such as fire extinguishers in areas where welding and cutting are carried out so that they can be handled in time in case of fire and explosion.
8. Welder must be trained in fire prevention and fighting, firmly grasp the danger of fire and explosion in welding and cutting metal, know how to use the fire fighting equipment on the spot to be able to extinguish the fire. as soon as new born.
9. Apply advanced cutting methods, using h


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