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The soldering iron of the welding machine is a round metal rod, 200 ÷ 450 mm in length, the outer surface is covered with an open solder of about 20 ÷ 40 mm used to clamp the solder pliers and the other to open the face or covered with graphite. Facilitates the induction of arc. The size of the rod is the diameter of its core
When using the stick, it should be noted that the bending of welding rod causes the deformation, the peeling of the coating. Avoid using the welding power higher than the manufacturer will make the welding rod is heated. Excessive and its sheath is destroyed, reducing its ability to protect the weld. When used, care should be taken not to cause the stick to be contaminated with oil, grease and other contaminants.
Some points to consider when drying and preserving the welding rod
-The same type of welding rods should not be used for low-hydrogen and other electrodes, due to their different drying temperatures.
-If the low-grade hydrogen sticks belong to different strength groups dried in the same oven, the highest drying temperature should be chosen. However, for convenience and savings, different kilns should be used for different grades of ductility to ensure proper drying and avoid confusion.
Avoid over 2 hours at 350 ° C or more than 1 hour at temperatures above 400 ° C, as metallic casing in the enclosure can be oxidized and the cover is crushed excessively.
- Do not exceed the time limit for re-drying the coils because the coating strength may be reduced. Hence, it is necessary to have storing sticks while transporting them over time limits. There is no time limit for storing the welding rod at 150oC
Regularly opening the oven to get a dry solder and applying a new stick to the dryer can cause the rod to not be properly dried so we should avoid it. It is therefore advisable to use the storerooms to regularly remove the dried sticks for later use.
- Prevents drying of welding rods at high temperature. To avoid breaking the sheath, the welding rod must be dried at 100 ° C for about half an hour before being introduced into the oven.
- Do not use the oven for welding other things.
For low-hydrogen base electrodes (E7016, E7018 ...): These are non-organic and non-organic welders. They are usually dried at 350 ÷ 425ºC. When taken out of the bag for 24 hours, these electrodes should be reheated before use. Normally these rods are placed in fully sealed plastic containers.
For other welding rods, not less hydrogen is usually contained in cactons or plastic containers but not completely closed. This type usually lasts from 6 months to 2 years if the storage conditions are good. When preserving these types of welding rod, it should be noted that the humidity in the air is too high (80 ÷ 90%), it must be stored in the continuous heating room.



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