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Ha Thanh Yen Joint Stock Company specializes in importing and distributing welding rods, welded wire, nonferrous metal. Our company offers a wide range of specialty welding rods that meet the needs of finding an optimal welding solution for every customer.
    We are also the distributor of some brands of welding rods such as OCEAN, HONGHAN, SAFa, SCWC, POWER WELD, GEMINI ...
Ha Thanh provides the most effective solution for shipbuilding, barge, steel structure, automobile, motorcycle, military and civil aviation industries, machineries, furniture ... and many other uses in high technology industry
    Ha Thanh has been present in all of the country's north-central region with a team of experienced and highly qualified personnel who serve a large number of clients including agents, direct customers and exporters. to many countries in the world.
    Ha Thanh's products are distributed by reputable registered organizations around the world, which certify the quality and environmental friendliness, ensuring the health of consumers: DNV, ABS, L'loyd ...
    We are committed to constantly researching and working with reputable foreign partners to meet the needs of our customers, constantly improve the quality and value of services to find the solution dark. To serve our existing and future customers effectively, thoughtfully and truly environmentally friendly and contribute to the industrialization and modernization of Vietnam.